Fingal County Council Minecraft workshop

Fingal County Council held a workshop with some young people and their families with an objective to design and create an alternative and sustainable future for the Rogerstown Estuary area.

Participants were asked to come up with design solutions for the future of the Rogerstown Estuary area. Their brief was to focus on re-imagined green spaces and public parks, street design including bike paths and footpaths, biodiversity and bird-watching parks, or public buildings such as schools and community facilities. Or consider the redesign of the route from home to school for children living in the area.

The workshop was a success and we were very impressed with the children's design ideas in terms of creativity to bring together ecological and social values. They proposed different combinations of contemplative and active functions. They wanted to re-model Fingal Craft as part of their design thinking. Some of them showed interest in designing the whole area and interconnected them. This initiative is supported by Fingal County Council’s Planning & Strategic Infrastructure Department involved in the new Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029, which has now been launched.