Naisc Úsáideacha

Béal Beo: recordings from the National Folklore Collection

Bibliomara: an annotated indexed bibliography of cultural and maritime heritage studies of the coastal zone in Ireland

CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts from ancient annals to 20th century poetry

Census of Ireland 1901 & 1911

Discovery Programme of Ireland-advancing archaeological research

Down Survey of Ireland -17th century maps and landowners

European Association of Archaeologists

Geological Survey of Ireland

Griffith’s Valuation - the first full-scale property valuation in Ireland is also an invaluable 19th century genealogical source

Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement

Industrial Heritage Association of Ireland

Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland

Irish Post-Medieval Archaeology Group

Irish Quaternary Association

Ireland's Memorial Records First World War

Irish Architectural Archive

Irish Georgian Society

The Heritage Council

National Archives of Ireland

National Biodiversity Data Centre

National Inventory of Architectural Heritage

National Library of Ireland

National Monuments Service

National Museum of Ireland

National Parks & Wildlife Service

Network for Underwater Archaeology

Ordnance Survey Ireland

Ordnance Survey Ireland Historic Maps

Placenames Database of Ireland

Planning Architecture Design Database Ireland

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Record of Monuments & Places

Royal Irish Academy

Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland

World Archaeological Congress