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ANCA made a noise abatement objective and regulatory decision on 20 June 2022. See below for details.

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The Aircraft Noise Competent Authority has made a noise abatement objective and regulatory decision, on Monday 20 June 2022, related to the planning application (F20A/0668) by Dublin Airport Authority (daa) for amendment of conditions associated with night time aircraft activity at Dublin Airport.

The content of this noise abatement objective, regulatory decision, AA and SEA are available to view online by clicking here.

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ANCA Director's Welcome Message

The Aircraft Noise Competent Authority (ANCA) is a separate and independent Directorate within Fingal County Council. 

ANCA is committed to delivering a quality service with transparency, fairness and minimum delay. 


What the Legislation Says

European and Irish aircraft noise legislation seeks to ensure that the sustainable development of air transport should be balanced with the introduction of measures aimed at reducing the noise impact from aircraft to maintain or increase the quality of life of neighbouring citizens.