Home Insulation

Residential Noise Insulation

Building insulation is one of a range of measures that can be applied to mitigate the effects of aircraft noise within homes closest to an airport. The objective is to reduce aircraft noise impact on people through implementing noise reduction measures within a building. Eligibility for inclusion in a noise insulation scheme is often established by reference to a defined noise contour measured in decibels (dB).

Noise contours are lines on a map that connect points of the same levels of noise exposure and represent the average aircraft related noise experienced (or projected to be experienced) by people living around an airport. Home insulation contours at Dublin Airport were traditionally calculated over a 16-hour period (07:00 – 23:00) during the busiest 92-day summer period from 16th June to 15th September. There is more information on the Aircraft Noise Information page of our website on the noise indicators used by ANCA and what they mean.

The planning permission for the north runway at Dublin Airport contains a condition requiring the airport authority (daa) to implement a noise insulation scheme for dwellings within a defined noise contour in the vicinity of Dublin Airport:

An Bord Pleanála Ref. PL 06F.217429; FCC Planning Ref. F04A/1755:

7.         Prior to commencement of development, a scheme for the voluntary noise insulation of existing dwellings shall be submitted to and agreed in writing by the planning authority. The scheme shall include all dwellings predicted to fall within the contour of 63 dB LAeq 16-hour within 12 months of the planned opening of the runway for use. The scheme shall include for a review every two years of the dwellings eligible for insulation.

This scheme is called the Residential Noise Insulation Scheme (RNIS) and has been further extended by daa to include dwellings within the following combined contours:

  1. the predicted 63 dB LAeq 16-hour contour as defined by Condition 7 of the grant of planning permission for the north parallel runway (ABP ref. PL 06F.217429; FCC ref. F04A/1755) as extended to include:
  2. the predicted 63 dB LAeq 16-hour contour as revised for 2022 forecasts.

The grant of planning permission also provides for a review of eligible dwellings every two years to ensure that the forecasted noise is validated against actual noise levels after the runway becomes operational. The first review is expected to take place during 2024.

daa also made a second scheme available for dwellings most impacted by aircraft operations that preceded the opening of the north runway at Dublin Airport. This scheme is called the Home Sound Insulation Programme (HSIP) and is defined by the 2016 63 dB LAeq 16-hour contour.

Both schemes can be examined on an interactive map by clicking here.

A regulatory decision by ANCA in June 2022 made provision for a third home insulation scheme (Residential Sound Insulation Grant Scheme – RSIGS). The scheme is a condition of a planning permission (F20A/0668), which has been appealed to An Bord Pleanála (Ref PL06F.314485) and will have no effect until that authority decides on the appeal.  https://www.pleanala.ie/en-ie/case/314485