Heritage Online and Publications

Numerous heritage studies have been commissioned by the Heritage Office of Fingal County Council which are now available for download. Many publications are also available in the local libraries or free from the Heritage Office. Useful links to heritage resources and institutes are included below.

Naming & Commemorative Memorial Policy

The commemoration of significant historical events, anniversaries or people associated with or who have made important social, cultural or economic contributions to Fingal is supported by Fingal County Council. To assist with this the Council sets out in this document a framework for the evaluation and approval of proposals for the installation of commemorative plaques, memorials or monuments in public places and buildings; or the naming of certain types of public infrastructure to honour or celebrate individuals, groups or events of significance in Fingal.

Final Naming and Commemorative Memorial Policy

Heritage Signage & Heritage Trail Guidance

Interpretation of and increasing awareness of our archaeological, historical and natural sites is supported by Fingal County Council. To assist with this the Council provides clear direction and advice to the public and stakeholders on the best practice, procedures and requirements for the development of heritage signage and heritage trails in Fingal.

Heritage  Signage & Heritage Trail Guidance 

Treoir Um Comhartaíocht Oidhreachta & Slí Oidehreachta 

Assessing Fingal’s Archaeological Resource

Undertaken in 2010 this is a study of the known archaeological monuments and the archaeological excavations over a period of extensive development 1999-2009.

Assessing Fingals Archaeological Resource

Discovering Historic Fingal-Guide to Built Heritage Sources for Fingal

This guide provides information on the main historical sources for Fingal, listing libraries, repositories where books and illustrations for the county can be accessed.

Discovering Historic Fingal-resource Guide

Fingal Coastal Architecture Study

An analysis of the built heritage along Fingal’s extensive coastland including piers, harbours, sea walls and boathouses

Fingal Coastal Architecture Study


Revisiting Fingals Monuments FMA 2013 

Communicating Fingals Archaeological Resource 

Managing Fingal County Councils Archaeological Resource 

Historic Landscape Characterisation Projects

Using historical sources, mapping and GIS the layers of land use over time are built up into a holistic picture of both the ancient and modern landscape. Useful for strategic planning, conservation and research these studies illustrate the constantly developing nature of our surroundings.

Balbriggan HLC Report

Balbriggan HLC Graphics

Swords HLC Text
Swords HLC Maps Part 1
Swords HLC Maps Part 2
Swords HLC Maps Part 3
Swords HLC Maps Part 4
Swords HLC Maps Part 5
Swords HLC Maps Part 6


Donabate Portrane HLC - Text
Donabate Portrane HLC - Maps Part 1
Donabate Portrane HLC - Maps Part 2
Donabate Portrane HLC - Maps Part 3
Donabate Portrane HLC - Maps Part 4 

Historic Road Bridges Project

In all fifteen bridges over the Delvin, Ballyboughall, Broadmeadow and Ward Rivers as well as the Royal Canal were surveyed by an ecologist, conservation engineer and built heritage expert.

Historic Road Bridges Project Volume 1
Historic Road Bridges Project Volume 2 

Martello Towers Research project

In 2008 Martello Towers Research Project was commissioned by Fingal County Council and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, with the support of The Heritage Council, in order to collate all known documentation relating to the Martello Towers from Balbriggan in Co. Dublin to  those in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Martello Towers 2008

Structural Assessment of Archaeological Monuments in Fingal

The project was undertaken to analyse the structural integrity of fifteen monuments, identify structural defects to make recommendations for appropriate mitigation and repairs and to propose a prioritization of urgent works.

Structural Assessment of Archaeological Monuments in Fingal

Useful guides and leaflets regarding our archaeological heritage have been issued by the National Monuments Service.

Advice to the public on the use of metal dectectors
Earthern Bank and Broken Walls
Good Farming Practice & Archaeology
Irish Field Monuments 


Fingal Heritage Office has commissioned or supported several heritage publications, all of which are available in Fingal’s libraries. Copies of some are available free from the Heritage Office or to download below.

Axes Warriors  Windmills

Baker C (2009) Axes, Warriors & Windmills: Recent archaeological discoveries in north Fingal
Available in Fingal Libraries

Axes, Warriors and Windmills

Discovering Historic Fingal

Bolton J (2010) Discovering Historic Fingal - Guide to Built Heritage Sources
Available in Fingal Libraries

Discovering Historic Fingal

Parkes M (2012) Islands Coast and Quarries: The Geological Heritage of Fingal
Available free from Fingal Heritage Office
Islands Coasts and Quarries 


Baker C (2010) The Antiquities of old Fingal
Available in Fingal Libraries


Bolton J., Carey T., Goodbody R & Clabby G (2012) The Martello Towers of Dublin. Dublin, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown & Fingal County Council
Available in Fingal Libraries