Santry Park


A bustling suburb, connecting Fingal to the city

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Welcome to Santry

Santry is a district on the north side of Dublin close to Dublin Airport which straddles the Fingal County Council and Dublin City Council border. The character of the area has changed in the last 100 years; much of the old village is gone and where there were once fields full of crops and wild woodlands of all sorts, there is today a bustling city suburb.

Morton Stadium

Morton Stadium

Morton Stadium, or the National Athletics Stadium, is the centre of athletics in Dublin city and the home track of Clonliffe Harriers. It has also been the home ground for several Irish association football clubs including Shamrock Rovers and Dublin City.



Santry Park Trees

Santry Demesne Regional Park

Santry Demesne was once a palatial old house and gardens, built in 1703 on the site of an earlier medieval residence. The area is now a beautiful park with an extensive network of pathways, a children’s playground community garden, a thriving kitchen garden and heritage orchard.