Reuse Month 2022

This ReUse Month let’s see how much we can Repair and ReUse around us.

Reuse and repair in fingal

Here is a 30 min film showing some of the Repair in ReUse that we have mainstreamed in Fingal . These ideas are replicable, other organisations and groups can do similar initiatives so that Repair and ReUse become our culture again.

Take a trip to your local charity shop when buying a gift, books, picture frames, clothes or household items.

repair my stuff

Repairmystuff is an online directory for businesses to advertise- and it’s Free! So let’s get sustainable and start Re-Using! Please visit for details

Reuse month

October is Ireland’s National Reuse Month, ReUse is about valuing our stuff, by using and reusing it for as long and as often as possible, thereby keeping items in circularity. This avoids the need to extract raw materials, manufacture and distribute new stuff, and avoids waste, thereby cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions. MyWaste have a fantastic resource for all sorts of ReUse on their website

The MyWaste Upcycle challenge takes place every October, people can find out more here and enter the competition

Check out our Environmental Awareness page for Tips for Sustainable Living and to find out about some of the fantastic projects we have In Fingal like the Instruments project and the Relove Fashion Competition for secondary schools.