Howth Head Kid Goat Naming Competition

Fingal County Council and The Old Irish Goat Society are thrilled to announce the arrival of 37 new kid goats on Howth Head. As we welcome these adorable new members to our community, we invited the public to help name one of our newest additions. Read more about here 

We received over 450 suggestions and our judges panel have shortlisted four (4) names that best embody the essence of Old Irish goats and the beauty of Howth Head.

We would now like to invite the public once again to participate in the final phase of the naming competition. Individuals can place their vote below and choose the name they believe is most fitting for one of our newest additions. Voting will remain open until 5pm Friday, 2 June, giving everyone ample time to make their voice heard and contribute to the naming process. 

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Goat Naming

About the conservation grazing project and Old Irish Goats: 

Fingal County Council in partnership with Old Irish Goat Society and with the support from the Howth SAAO has established a ground-breaking conservation grazing project with Old Irish Goats originating from the national herd in Mulranny, Co Mayo.

The project utilises traditional methods of management with a goat herder. For the first time in Ireland, the Norwegian “No-fence” system which employs GPS tracking to define fenceless grazing areas.

This critically endangered, native breed of goat will reside up on the beautiful Howth Head, playing an important role in managing growth to reduce fire risk to homes, while also enhancing the biodiversity of the priority heathland habitats. The Old Irish goat has the ability to control the accumulation of gorse, and due to their grazing behaviour and efficient digestive systems, adapt to feeding on harsher environments with low nutritive quality heathlands. They effectively offer a more economical and sustainable solution to managing the landscape.

A breeding programme is being run by the Old Irish Goat Society to conserve the breed and Fingal County Council will work in partnership with the society to continue this very important endeavour. 

it’s important that owners Keep Dogs on lead as a critically endangered animal now grazes on Howth headland.


The closing date for submissions is 5pm on Friday, 2 June.

Note: Reasoning behind our respondents suggested name:

Saorla means free princess. These goats are enjoying freedom and ruling this kingdom.

Talun the Irish word meaning fertility. Like the year the goats had and what the goats bring to the land.

Fiáin It means wild. The goats are roaming wild, this animal was known as An Gabhar Fiáin (wild goat)

Danu means Mother of goddess meaning nature and the mother of Tuatha Dé Danann.