Shortlisting Phase Reached for Howth Head’s Kid Goat Naming Competition

Kid Goats

Fingal County Council and the Old Irish Goat Society would like to thank all those who shared their creative names for the kid goats at Howth Head.

Over 450 ideas were submitted for the newest additions to our herd, demonstrating the shared excitement and commitment to preserving Ireland's indigenous goat breed. 

The birth of these delightful kids marks a significant milestone for our community. Not only do they bring joy and charm, but they also play a crucial role in maintaining the health and beauty of Howth Head. 

With such an extraordinary range of names and reasons behind the choice coming in, the task for our panel of judges has been both challenging and exciting. 

Following careful deliberation, we are pleased to announce that we have now shortlisted four (4) names that best embody the essence of Old Irish goats and the beauty of Howth Head. These shortlisted names are: 

1. Saorla

2. Talun

3. Fiáin

4. Danu

These names were chosen for their connection to Irish roots, mythology, language, and cultural significance. We believe they capture the spirit and character of these adorable kid goats while honoring the heritage of the Howth community. 

We would now like to invite the public to participate in the final phase of the naming competition. Individuals can visit our website at to place their vote and choose the name they believe is most fitting for one of our newest additions. Voting will remain open until 5pm Friday, 2 June, giving everyone ample time to make their voice heard and contribute to the naming process. 

Note: Reasoning behind our respondents name suggestion

Saorla means free princess. These goats are enjoying freedom and ruling this kingdom

Talun the Irish word meaning fertility. Like the year the goats had and what the goats bring to the land.

Fiáin It means wild. The goats are roaming wild, this animal was known as An Gabhar Fiáin (wild goat)

Danu means Mother of goddess meaning nature and the mother of Tuatha Dé Danann