When and How to Apply

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Applications will only be accepted through the online application portal which will go live in the coming weeks. Details of the portal will be released on Fingal County Council website, social media and mainstream media closer to the go-live date.

Applications and supporting documents will be accepted only through the online application portal. The system allows for input of all relevant data and uploading of all supporting documentation.

Purchasers will need to be in a position to fund the cost of buying the home and will be subject to the standard assessment criteria for the purposes of securing a loan from a financial institution or a Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan from Fingal County Council.

Supporting documentation to be included along with the application consists of:

  • Proof of Income – PAYE salaried applicants must provide an up to date Salary Certificate (see attached document). 

                            - Self-employed applicant must provide Accountants Report/Audited Accounts (2 Years Required), Current Tax Balancing Statement & Current Preliminary Revenue Tax Payment Receipt.

  • Evidence that applicant(s) are first time buyers – e.g. Help to Buy confirmation. (At time of application you will be required to declare that both users are First Time Buyers and that you will, if successful, be required to provide evidence that you have successfully applied for the Help To Buy Scheme.)
  • Evidence of ability to finance the purchase – e.g. Provisional loan approval letter or online calculator showing ability to potentially borrow purchase amount. An example of an online calculator can be found at the following link http://rebuildingirelandhomeloan.ie/calculator/
  • Proof of Residency – Utility bill/correspondence showing proof of 12 months residency within Fingal.
  • Evidence of household member in education within 70KM of Lusk* – Letter from Educational Institution proving attendance.

*in the instance where there are more applicants than properties, shortlisting will occur based on the scheme of priority. Full details on the Scheme of Priority can be found by clicking here.

All successful applicants will be required to obtain independent legal advice and pay their own legal costs to process the sale of the property.  These and other associated costs must be considered when applying.

Applicants can avail of the Help to Buy Scheme. For more information please see; https://www.revenue.ie/en/property/help-to-buy-incentive/index.aspx

For further information regarding the Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan please see; http://rebuildingirelandhomeloan.ie/

A FAQ document is also available here to answer any questions If further information is needed, applicants can email [email protected]