27 Feb 2020

Baz Ashmawy - Family Matters

Join Baz (50 Ways to Kill your Mammy, Wingman) for his brand new comedy show, where he talks about growing up in Dublin as a half Egyptian/half Irish boy in a council estate in Dublin and being raised by his single mother Nancy, who then found fame in her 70s! Baz will touch on his success and its benefits and losses ... and of course raising six children of his own.

22 Feb 2020

A Holy Show

A new comedy based on the 1981 hijacking of an Aer Lingus plane, by an ex-Trappist monk, with a bottle of water as his weapon, the Pope as his nemesis, and a burning desire to know The Third Secret of Fatima.

20 Feb 2020

Des Bishop - Mia Mamma

I am often asked “where do you get your material from?” The truth is really that I try to see the funny in everything. My mother died in March 2019 and of course it was sad and grief can be tough sometimes but I saw a lot of funny in that too. Since death comes to us all and grief is something most of us will experience I thought there must be plenty of people who would like that funny to be shared. Also I did a show about my Dad being sick back in 2010 and I couldn’t face my mother in the afterlife because I know her first question would be “your Father got a show, how come I didn’t get one?”

05 Oct 2019

Fred Cooke - Fred Space

Fred Cooke is leaving his twinkle toes behind him from “Dancing with the Stars” and taken to the road for his new comical tour of musical madness.

14 Jun 2019

Neil Delamare "Work in Progress"

Award-winning comedian Neil Delamere is one of the top acts working in the Irish comedy scene today is set to bring his latest show "Work in Progress" to the Seamus Ennis Arts Centre.

18 May 2019

Eric Lalor performs at Seamus Ennis Centre

Eric’s warm, energetic onstage presence makes for an unforgettable experience. With gags that always hit the spot, his engaging, high intensity performances makes him on the top names of ‘must book’ comedians.

16 May 2019

David O’Doherty You Have To Laugh

Unhook your mindbras. David O’Doherty is back in Draíocht with a brand new show made up of talking and songs played on a crappy keyboard from 1986.

27 Apr 2019

Danny O’Brien – Lock-In

Award-winning Irish comedian Danny O' Brien went to prison. Three times to perform. Once again by accident. 'Lock-In' has already sold out at Galway International Arts Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, A European tour in over 10 cities as well a tour in Dubai and South East Asia.