The Fingal Development Plan sets out the vision for how Fingal should develop over the life of the Plan while ensuring compliance with national and regional policy.  The Development Plan presents an opportunity for the general public to shape Fingal for the future when it comes to important issues such as housing, economic development, community and heritage. 

The Strategic Issues Paper, the first step in making the Plan, was placed on public display between the 12th of March and the 12th of May 2021.  We received 551 submissions in total. A Chief Executive’s Pre-Draft Consultation Report was then prepared in response to the submissions received. 

Elected Members considered the report from September 2021 and issued direction to the Chief Executive, regarding the preparation of the Draft Development Plan, which was prepared and submitted to the Members of the Planning Authority for their consideration in December 2021. 

The Elected Members considered the Chief Executive’s Draft Plan and have now approved the Draft Plan to go out on public display. 

The latest phase of public consultation on the Draft Fingal Development Plan closed on May 12th 2022.

To view the Draft Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029 click here.