Environmental Issues

Recycling Information and Advice


We’re all getting much better at recycling. Here’s some recycling tips can help you go even further.

www.brownbin.ie , a website jointly funded by Cré – Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland and the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government is a handy toolkit for families to learn what food to recycle and how to recycle their bio-waste correctly and reduce their waste bill. The website has a wealth of information including questions and answers on a range of food waste topics and details of waste collectors operating across the country.


Other helpful advice:

  • Make space next to your rubbish bin for a recycle bin and kitchen caddy, then it’s as simple to recycle as it is to throw away
  • Many supermarkets have bring banks, so make your weekly shopping trip your recycling trip too. You’ll save on time and fuel.
  • Keep your cardboard and paper clean and dry. Flatten cardboard boxes and fold used paper rather than scrunching it up. It takes up less space in recycling bins.
  • Use reusable boxes or bags for collecting your glass recyclables and bringing them to the bottle bank.  Separate glass by colour for bottle banks – clear, green and brown.
  • Make sure tins and cans are washed, rinsed and squashed with the lids placed inside. This makes more room in your recycling bin.
  • Make sure aluminium food trays are washed and any food is removed. Squash the tray, if there is more than one tray, squash them together.
  • Make sure your plastic bottles are washed, rinsed and squashed with the lids removed.
  • Wrap food waste in old newspapers before putting it in your brown bin - this keeps flies away and stops your bin from smelling.
  • Bring your old batteries and electrical items to a recycling centre or a shop that collects them.