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Bring Bank Provision


bring banks

There are currently 59 bring bank locations in the Fingal area, making it easy for you to recycle, no matter where you live.

Please use the following link to find your nearest bring bank: 


The majority of the bring banks are available to use on a seven-day basis. However, please only use the bring banks between the hours of 8.00am to 10.00pm, to avoid causing disturbance to local residents.

Most bring bank location have three types of recycling containers available. They are as follows:

  1. Glass banks: You can recycle glass bottles and jars here.

Please separate them by colour – clear, green, and brown.

We do not accept the following items - ceramics, window glass, pyrex cookware or drinking glasses, as they are made of a different type of glass, and they will contaminate the glass contents in the container.

  1. Can banks: You can recycle Aluminium drinks cans here.

Please crush the cans so that more cans can fit into the container.

  1. Textile banks: You can recycle clothes, bags, and shoes here.

Please ensure that your items are clean and in good condition; shoes must be in pairs. Duvets and pillows are not accepted.

What to do if the bring bank is full?

  • Please contact Fingal County Council on Tel. (01) 890 5000 and we will arrange for the banks to be emptied as soon as is possible.
  • Please do not leave bottles on the ground beside the bins; this will be considered as littering and is also a health and safety risk.
  • Please do not leave empty boxes, bag or bottle tops or any other items beside or on top of the recycling containers. This is considered as litter, and you could be liable for a Fine of €150 under The Litter Pollution Act 1997.
  • Please note that there may be CCTV cameras in operation at some of the bring bank locations.
  • Please note that it is an offence to leave any litter outside banks at our sites.
  • Please bring your empty cardboard boxes, bags, and bottle tops home, where you can recycle them in the green bin provided by your Waste Provider.
  • Please bring your cardboard, bottle tops, etc, them to your nearest Recycling Centre if you do not avail of a Green Bin service.

Textile Banks, Clothes & Shoes

  • Textile recycling is a very important aspect of the waste management system. Textiles are collected by our current Waste Provider, Textiles Recycling Limited, and exported to foreign markets where they are sorted and sold for re-use. Please ensure that your shoes are recycled in pairs.
  • For information, Fingal County Council collects approximately 20 tonnes of textiles each month form our textiles banks.
  • For further information and a list of clothing bank sites please click here.