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Bathing Waters Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Management

NOTE: For updates see also Beaches and Bathing Water Quality Information Section

The Bathing Water Quality Regulations 2008 set out our obligations for bathing water quality checks and public information during the bathing season. We take 9 samples in total,1 before between 22-31 May and 8 during the bathing season. Samples are generally taken fortnightly from the end of May to mid September.  

Bathing water quality on Fingal beaches is generally classified as Poor, Sufficient, Good or Excellent, and you can check water quality results for our beaches on the EPA website . If we get test results that don't meet the standards we have a process in place for notifying beach users. 

Bathing restrictions are notified as public information notices and are temporary.  All season bathing restriction notices must remain for the duration of the bathing season (1st June to 15th September) and are issued following an assessment of Poor by the EPA based on 4 years of data. These can be advisory or prohibition notices. Only prohibition notices require the raising of the red flag by lifeguards. 

We currently monitor 10 identified beaches in Fingal for water quality. Refer to for further information.

Members of the public are advised to ensure they only swim at identified bathing areas, take note of the flags flying when they visit and to obey any instructions given by the lifeguards.There is a noticeboard at each identified beach where useful information such as Bathing Water Quality notices are posted.

48 Hour Rule

After a heavy rainfall event it is important to avoid contact with the water for at least 48 hours to prevent the risk of getting a recreational water illness. For more information see:

Blue Flag Beaches in Fingal 

The Blue Flag Award is an International campaign run by An Taisce, with the support from the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. 

These beaches all meet stringent water quality standards, and meet other targets of safety, facilities for visitors, and beach management, including litter control, environmental education and public information. You can find out more about Blue Flag Awards at  


Water Incidents

If our test results don't meet the water quality standards needed, we will notify beach users. You can read more about our notifications in our Beaches and Bathing Water Quality Information Section  You can report an incident to [email protected]