Draft Fingal Heritage Plan 2024-2030 - Consultation


An Online Webinar took place on Tuesday 26th September, you can view the recording below.

When you hear the word heritage  what do you think of? Castles, churches and old buildings? What about community identity and sense of place?

In Fingal we are surrounded by heritage. The landscape, geology, distinctive coastline, islands and our natural heritage. Our agricultural and horticultural heritage- from ancient crops to iron gates. Traces of previous generations  reflected in our archaeological sites and monuments, historic houses and demesnes, historic gardens,  thatch cottages, streets and villages. Industrial heritage in our railways, historic bridges and canals. Maritime heritage in our ports, harbours and shipwrecks.  Our use of traditional skills, language, folklore and music.

The Fingal Heritage Forum, facilitated by the Heritage Office, Fingal County Council has begun the process of preparing a new Heritage Plan for Fingal and would like to hear your views on what priorities or actions should be included in the new plan.

Fingal Heritage Forum is a heritage partnership between local government, state agencies, development agencies, farming organisations, education and training agencies and the community & voluntary sector.  All with an active interest in or responsibility for Fingal's heritage.

The Fingal Heritage Plan looks at all types of heritage and how they interlink and connect and how we can best protect and access our heritage. The Plan sets out a vision and strategic objectives for our shared heritage. Sharing and celebrating our heritage in all its diversity promotes well-being and adds to a sense of belonging. Heritage is part of who we are. So have your say!


Submissions and Observations can be made in respect of the Draft Fingal Heritage Plan from Wednesday 23 August to Wednesday 04 October 2023 (inclusive).

Submissions/Observations can be made as follows:

Online at https://consult.fingal.ie  OR

In writing to:

Heritage Officer, Planning and Strategic Infrastructure Department, Fingal County Council, County Hall, Main St., Swords, Co. Dublin, K67X8Y2.

Please make your submission by one medium only i.e. in hard copy or online.

Any submission or observation must state your name, address and where relevant, the body or organisations you represent. Details including the names of those making submissions or observations may be included in the minutes of Council Meetings and subsequently published on the Fingal County Council Website.

View or Download:

Draft Fingal Heritage Plan 2024-2030

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Appropriate Assessment (AA)


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 23:59hrs, Wednesday, 04 October 2023

Fingal Heritage Pre-Draft Consultation

Pre-Draft consultation took place between 05 April-19 May 2023 (see report below) and included in-person drop-in sessions, stakeholder workshops and an online survey, from which a total of 266 responses were received. The information gathered during the pre-draft consultation process contributed to the development of a Draft Heritage Plan for Fingal and assisted in prioritising areas for heritage action up to 2030.  

Fingal Heritage Plan - Report of Pre-Draft Consultation

View the current Fingal Heritage Plan 2018-2023 here

Queries to Fingal Heritage Officer, [email protected]  

View the Fingal Heritage Plan Pre-Draft Consultation Video Below