Sustainable Living

We are more aware than ever about our impact on the environment. However being aware is not enough… we must each take steps to lower our impact.

See some sustainable living tips here for ideas on how you can be a better friend to your environment.

There are many things we can do to lower our impact on the environment but it does take a little action. In the areas of travelling, food, consuming fast fashion, lowering energy use or packaging each one of us can make some changes. See these everyday sustainable living tips below which you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

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Sustainable living tip 2
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For more information you might like to visit the following websites:


Biodiversity             – the All Ireland Pollinator Plan is trying to reverse the destruction to our biodiversity. Everyone can participate in the plan.


Circular Economy   – Irelands Leading On-line Repair Directory, everything from clothes and shoes to electronics and musical instruments – Community ReUse Network Ireland – Very useful toolkits for communities entering into the Circular Economy

Food Waste            – Learn about using food storage, leftovers, food waste & composting


Packaging Waste   – the go-to website for recycling and waste queries


Ireland Environment - The Environmental Protection Agency provides lost of information on several aspects of the environment


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