Project Timeline

What has happened previously?

In 2018 this process started with the appointment of Consultants to research the area, map constraints and collect data that would be used to inform the creation of a route options.

In early 2019 this preliminary data was published, and the public were first invited to contribute to the development of route options. Throughout 2019 and 2020 Fingal County Council engaged in meeting with stakeholders to understand the complexities of the possible routes and learn more about the opinions of residents, community groups and businesses in the area. We used this information, along with the data collected earlier on site, to work on developing the route options.

As part of the research and development phases of this project we have produced a series of reports including;

  • Feasibility & Constraint Study
  • Ground Investigation Report
  • Route Options Report

All of these documents can be viewed on the Consultation Portal;

Please note that submissions from the public are no longer open. Stage 2 of public consultation on this projects closed on July 7th 2021 at 23.59hrs.


What’s Happening Now?

Public Consultation is now closed on this project. We will review the feedback from the public and progress plans to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Appropriate Assessment (AA).

The design team will consider the submissions received and assess how to best address the various issues raised, and this process will include discussions with other stakeholders, including landowners, the National Transport Authority, Waterways Ireland and Irish Rail.

The outcome of this screening will determine the statutory planning process.  This will take the form of either a Part 8 planning application or an application to An Bord Pleanála.