Public Play Space Project at Garristown Library Part 8

Fingal County Council is pleased to announce commencement of the formal planning process for the proposed Public Play Space at Garristown Library, Garristown, County Dublin.

Garristown Woodland Themed Play Garden

Fingal County Council is pleased to announce commencement of the formal planning process for the proposed Public Play Space at Garristown Library, Garristown, County Dublin.

The project led by the council’s Parks & Green Infrastructure Division aims to reach a consensus with stakeholders to deliver a vision for the sustainable development of a public play space at Garristown Library which is sensitive to and reflective of the cultural heritage of the site.

The proposed play and amenity space, to the east and south of the library, will provide a range of play opportunities for the children of Garristown within a natural woodland setting with seating provided for parents and carers. Provision will also be made for passive recreation, picnics, and outdoor classroom activities.

A key consideration of the project has been the visual relationship between the Church of the Assumption and the Library which, together, form a centrepiece of the village. The resulting proposal is one that will improve and enhance the entrance to the Library while respecting and complimenting the local site context. The garden and play space comprise a number of areas as follows:

Garristown Part 8

Entrance Plaza Space

An architecturally sensitive approach has been taken in the proposals for the improvement of the landscape at the entrance to the Carnegie Library which respects the relationship between the Library and the Church of the Assumption. Granite paving, enlivened with thematic engravings, will lead users to the library entrance and Play Space. The entrance space will feature hardwood seating, to the rear of which a high quality, pollinator friendly, planting bed will be established to provide visual and sensory interest. The existing Ogham stone will be retained, and its surroundings will be enhanced with improvements to the lawn, seasonal bulb planting and with decorative stepping stones inviting visitors to approach the ogham stone.

Garristown Picnic & sculptured Lawn

Picnic and Sculptured Lawn Space

At the south of the library’s southern facade a versatile space is proposed that will facilitate casual play and contemplative moments as desired. A large picnic bench to the west of this space will provide for outdoor classroom activities for visiting school groups. Centrally, a low-profile sculpted landform, incorporating logs for balancing and stepping, will complement and link to the Woodland Play Garden. This area will feature seasonal bulbs at the southern edge to bring colour and pollinators to the space throughout the year and a circular bench around the existing large tree will provide a further opportunity for all the community to relax and enjoy the space.

Garristown Woodland Themed Play Garden

Woodland Themed Play Garden

The Woodland Themed Play Garden will cater for a wide age range with opportunities for adventurous, challenging, and social play within a natural setting. The raised Play Trail incorporating the trunks of the existing pine trees will promote balance, motor and climbing skills with a series of ropes, slides and climbing walls. An accessible basket swing and swing set will allow for children of diverse abilities to enjoy this activity together and a bespoke sculpture and complementary carved wooden features based on Irish mythology will ignite the imagination

Stakeholder and public engagement are central to the project. In developing the proposals consultation meetings were held with Garristown community representatives during which preliminary proposals for the Public Play Space were presented. Following the consultation meetings, the feedback and comments received have been considered and are reflected in the current proposal.

The Public Play Space Project at Garristown Library will create a unique play space for the children of Garristown and provide a space for the whole of the community to enjoy. Building on the successful community consultation held to date, the Council encourages feedback on the proposal during the submission period 14th September to the 27th October as detailed in the part 8 planning application available at:  

Mayor of Fingal Cllr Seána Ó Rodaigh said “The imaginative design of the play space will provide a wonderful accessible place for outdoor fun for the children of Garristown and I am delighted to see the it reach the Part 8 stage of the process.”

Chief Executive of Fingal AnnMarie Farrelly said “I am pleased to see the public play space for Garristown reach the formal planning stage and the Council welcomes continued engagement from the public. This outdoor recreation and community facility is designed to be accessible for diverse abilities and is sensitive to the existing heritage and biodiversity of the site.”