EirGrid Identifies Emerging Best Performing Route Option for East Meath-North Dublin Grid Upgrade

EirGrid, the operator and developer of Ireland’s electricity grid, has announced the emerging best performing route option for the East Meath-North Dublin Grid Upgrade.

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The East Meath-North Dublin Grid Upgrade is a high-capacity underground cable, connecting Woodland substation, near Batterstown in County Meath, to Belcamp substation, near Clonshaugh, in north Dublin.

This upgrade is needed to strengthen the grid to address the increased electricity demand in east Meath and north Dublin, due to economic development and population growth and to reduce the use of, and reliance on, fossil fuels for electricity generation.

Following feedback gathered during an extensive public consultation process, during which EirGrid listened and engaged with communities, stakeholders, businesses and landowners, and based on further studies, Option A (The Red Option) has been identified as the emerging best performing route.

Interactive Emerging Best Performing Route Map Option

East Meath-North Dublin Grid Upgrade-Emerging Preferred Route Map

The route, which is the shortest of the four options, is approximately 37km in length, with an estimated off-road section of nine kilometres. This route will need to cross the river Tolka, the railway at M3 Parkway, the M1, M2 and M3 motorways.

Potential off-road sections are still under consideration and EirGrid agricultural liaison are engaging with landowners in this regard.

Speaking about the project and latest announcement, EirGrid’s Chief Infrastructure Officer, Michael Mahon said: “We have identified this option after extensive engagement with the public, stakeholders and communities and we will be carrying out further analysis, including technical and environmental considerations, before confirming a best performing route option in the summer.”

With the help of communities and stakeholders who engage with us now, the delivery of this critical infrastructure will allow for societal and economic development, realising our climate ambitions, and ensuring a more sustainable future for the next generation,” Mahon added.

For more information about the emerging best performing route option, click here or  to view the brochure, please click on the link below.

East Meath North Dublin Grid Upgrade-Updated Brochure