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There are almost 900 known archaeological monuments in Fingal. They include everything from churches, castles, and ringforts to windmills, watermills and holy wells. However over a quarter of Fingal’s monuments are not visible. Surviving as sub-surface features these monuments have been identified through aerial photography, historic mapping and geophysical survey. So how do you find out if there are any archaeological monuments near you?

Archaeological Survey of Ireland Database
The Archaeological Survey of Ireland compiles an inventory of the known archaeological monuments known as the Sites & Monuments Record (SMR) which can be accessed digitally on . You can zoom in on your area and any known archaeological sites will be shown with a note on their exact location, their classification and a short description, all of which can be downloaded onto a pdf. 

Hundreds of archaeological investigations have been undertaken within Fingal especially over the past decade, including archaeological test excavations, excavations and monitoring of works within areas of archaeological potential. Summaries of the results of these investigations from 1970-2010 can be accessed on

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