Fees to view, buy or request copies of files

Electronic Copy of File


File Retrieval from storage


Road Naming/Numbering Certificate


Compliance letter (financial contributions)


Decisions/Final Grants/Chief Executive Orders/Planners Report




Size                                                    B&W


AO Sheet    . (cost per sheet)                   €10.00


A1 Sheet       (cost per sheet)                  €10.00


A2 Sheet       (cost per sheet)                  €10.00


A3 Sheet       (cost per sheet)                 ·3.00


A4 Sheet       (cost per sheet)                  0.50



For all photocopying requests a minimum charge of €5.00 will apply. In cases where requests are received for multiple documents an appropriate charge will be made for time used to provide the documents in accordance with Section 38 (4) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000.