Fees to view, buy or request copies of files

File retrieval from storage €50.00
Microfilm charge re. file search €25.00 - view only (copyright laws)
Road naming/numbering certificate €50.00
Compliance letter (financial contribution) €50.00
Decisions/Final Grants/Managers/Planners Report €10.00

A0 Sheet €7.50
A1 Sheet €5.00
A2 Sheet €2.50
A3 Sheet €1.50 - colour €3.00
A4 Sheet €0.10 per sheet (min charge €2.00) colour €0.50 per sheet (min charge €2.00) 

While not always available, should the following colour copies be provided, the quoted charge will apply:-

A0 Sheet €12.50
A1 Sheet €10.00
A2 Sheet €5.00 

In cases where requests are received for multiple documents, an appropriate charge will be made for time used to provide the documents as per Section 38(4) of the Planning and Development Act.