Development Plan Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms, a Development Plan is a spatial plan which guides the future development of a county for a six-year period. It contains certain policy objectives, land use zoning objectives and provides development management guidance. 

A Development Plan must also contain a Core Strategy which seeks to ensure that there is enough land zoned within the county to meet housing requirements.

The Plan, its Core Strategy and its objectives must be consistent with National and Regional strategies.

The review of the current Fingal Development Plan 2017 – 2023 begins on 12th March 2021 and the process to prepare a new Development Plan for the period 2023-2029 will take almost two years, finishing in late March

An indicative timeline for the preparation of the new Fingal Development Plan is shown below.


Development Plan Timeline vertical

The Strategic Issues Paper is the first step in the making of the Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029. This high-level consultation document presents an overview of the main planning and development issues in Fingal.

While the public consultation phase in relation to the Strategic Issues Paper has now closed, the paper is available to view and download from the online consultation portal at:

and from the Fingal Development Plan website at:

Further information on the Development Plan process including a general information booklet is also available on the Council’s dedicated Development Plan website.

The consultation phase with regard to this phase of the Development Plan process has now closed.

Yes, you will have two further opportunities to contribute to the creation of the new Plan. The next public consultation phase will coincide with the publication of the Draft Development Plan early next year.

The Planning Authority is now preparing the Chief Executive’s report which will summarise the issues raised in the submissions or observations received, provide a list of the persons or bodies who made submissions or observations, and give the opinion of the Chief Executive to the issues raised. The report will also give the Chief Executive’s recommendations on the policies to be included in the draft Plan.

The Report is then considered by the Elected Members of Fingal County Council who may issue directions regarding the next steps- i.e. preparation of the Draft Development Plan.

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The list of FAQ’s does not proport to be a legal interpretation of the Planning Act 2000 (as amended) and are simply for information purposes.