Tenancy Support

Housing Support

The Council runs induction courses for new tenants. This course informs you of your responsibilities as a tenant and gives you important information on your new home and your community.

Tenant’s Handbook

Every tenant is given a Tenant Handbook  This explains your tenancy, your rent, the maintenance of your home, how to deal with anti-social behaviour, how to protect your home and other useful information.

Tenant Induction Course

Every new tenant must come to an induction course. This course explains your responsibilities as a new tenant and outlines our responsibilities.
You will be contacted to attend a course where you’ll have the chance to ask us any questions you have. If you can’t make it please let us know so we can arrange for you to come another day. Telephone: (01) 890 5588.

Important Things You Should Know

Remember you haven’t just rented a house/apartment from the Council, you are also renting the front and back gardens. As a tenant you are responsible for keeping your house/apartment and your garden in a clean and tidy condition. Please don’t let your garden become an eyesore for your neighbours.

You must pay your rent and any other charges when they’re due. You must give us details of all income in the house so we can assess what rent is due.

You must write to the Estate Management Section outlining what plans you have to alter the house before any work is done and ask for the Council’s permission. Don’t do any work until you have the Council’s written approval. See our Maintenance page for further information.

No, you can’t run a business in your Council house/apartment and you can’t let anyone else run a business there either.

The Council insures the structure of all its dwellings against fire, flood and storm damage but tenants are responsible for the contents. You should take out contents insurance.

You can’t put up a Satellite dish without the Council’s permission.

You sign a tenancy agreement when you become a tenant and it contains a lot of information. Please take the time to read it and know what your responsibilities are as a tenant. You can also consult your Tenants Handbook for more information.

You can keep domestic pets such as cats and dogs so long as they are not a nuisance to your neighbours.

By law you must keep your garden and the footpath outside your home clear of litter and you can’t use your garden or the footpath for dumping. If you have access to a laneway it is the residents’ responsibility to keep it clear of rubbish and litter. 

Many of the new estates in the county have communal parking. Please use your common sense when parking your car and don’t block your neighbours access to their home. 

Tenants are encouraged to participate in the running of the Council’s housing estates. You can do this by joining your local Residents Association or by forming a Residents Association if there isn’t one already. If you need information on your local Residents Association or need information on how to start one contact the Community Section on Telephone: 01 890 5100. The Community Officer can help you get started. They can also give you advice on how to get grants to help run community activities.

If you’re not sure how to work your heating system let us know and we can send you information explaining what to do. If you have a prepay gas meter you need to keep it in credit to keep your heating system working. Remember that there is a daily standing charge on prepay gas meters – if you need information on how to work a prepay gas meter ring us and we can send you some information.

You can’t get a prepay meter installed for your electricity without the Council’s permission.

Contact Us

Telephone: (01) 890 5588 to confirm attendance on course, re-arrange course or request further information.

Download  Tenant Handbook

Contact Community Section
Telephone: (01) 890 5080

Contact Estate Management Section
Telephone: (01) 890 5588

Request Permission to alter my dwelling 

Telephone: (01) 890 5588

Email:  [email protected]

In writing: 
Estate Management Section, 
Housing Department,
Grove Road,