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Horse Owners Licences

Animal Control

We deal with the control of horses in public places with Bye Laws under the Control of Horses Act 1996.

Control of Horses

Our Bye-Laws, made under the Control of Horses Act 1996, came into effect on 12th January, 1998.  The Bye-Laws set out:

  • to regulate and control the horse population in the Fingal area
  • conditions for the keeping and stabling of horses
  • procedures for the impounding and disposal of unlicensed horses

Any person keeping a horse in a Control Area must have

  • a licence - which costs €31.25  (Licence holder must be over 16 years of age)
  • a horse passport
  • suitable accommodation for the horse (A suitable stable with water constantly available & adequate wholesome food or, where the horse is at grass, adequate pasture & shelter for the horse at all times)

For further information contact us by telephone (01) 890 5983 or email [email protected]