Environmental Issues

Green Schools Programme

Environmental Awareness

The Green Schools programme promotes environmental awareness within schools to the point where it becomes an intrinsic part of the ethos of the school.

The programme has been operating with great success in Fingal schools for the last 15 years.  Over 90% of schools are registered and since the 2013 awards ceremony, we have these impressive statistics:-

  • Schools awarded 1st green flag      93
  • Schools awarded 2nd green flag     70
  • Schools awarded 3rd green flag     53
  • Schools awarded 4th green flag     32
  • Schools awarded 5th green flag     13
  • Schools awarded 6th green flag       1

That is a total of 262 green flags awarded to 93 schools in Fingal. Congratulations to all the students and staff for making Fingal a cleaner, greener county!

The deadline for schools to register for the Green Schools Programme is 1st December. You must be working on the programme for at least 9 months to apply for the Green Flag Award.

Our green schools coordinator can visit your school and help you get started or give presentations on different environmental issues.  For schools working on the litter and waste theme, you can arrange a class visit to one of our recycling centres. 

Contact our green schools co-ordinator for school or recycling centre visits

Telephone: (01) 890 5453 
Email: [email protected]

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