Europe Direct Information Centre – Blanchardstown Library

The Europe Direct Centre at Blanchardstown is your starting point for finding information about the EU.

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Notice: Blanchardstown Library is currently closed for refurbishment. Please email [email protected] with any queries.

What is the Europe Direct Information Centre?  

The Europe Direct Centre at Blanchardstown is your starting point for finding information about the EU.  

The centre provides access to material covering a wide variety of topics, including:

  • General information about how the EU works.
  • Information about the various EU institutions and agencies.
  • The latest news about EU affairs and events.
  • Information about citizen rights in the EU.

The Europe Direct Centre at Blanchardstown Library is part of a network of similar centres across the European Union.  

The centre is located in the reference section on the second floor.

What services are provided at the Europe Direct Centre in Blanchardstown Library?

  • A selection of free EU publications and brochures covering a wide range of EU related topics.
  • Free public computers to search for specific information about EU related matters.
  • Free public telephone where you can call the Europe Direct Citizen's Helpline with queries on any aspect of the EU that are of interest to you: 0080067891011.

Our facility is wheelchair accessible and features assistive technologies to ensure that all visitors have full access to our facilities.

What type of queries can Europe Direct help me with?

  • Enquiries about how to obtain an EU Passport.
  • Information about legal matters relating to EU legislation.
  • Requests for information on setting up a business in the EU.
  • Information about citizen and consumer rights in the EU.
  • Requests for general documentation on the workings of the EU and its institutions

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