Commercial Rates

COVID 19 Rates Waiver Scheme 2021

On 30 December 2020 the Government announced Level 5 restrictions including the closure of non-essential businesses from close of business on 31 December until 31 January 2021. Further restrictions were announced on 6 January 2021.

In order to reflect these restrictions and to continue the supports available for ratepayers, and in recognition of the impact of the ongoing trajectory of COVID 19, a further waiver of commercial rates will apply to specified businesses in the first quarter of 2021.

This three  month waiver has modified criteria and accordingly is a separate, standalone waiver scheme.


Circular Letter:

Fin 01 2021 Commercial rates waiver Q1 2021

Amendment to Fin 01 2021 Commercial rates waiver Q1 2021


Commercial rates waiver Q1 2021 FAQs

Additional Commercial rates waiver Q1 2021 FAQs

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Commercial Rates

Rates are a property based tax levied by Local Authorities on the occupiers of commercial or industrial properties.  Income from commercial rates pays for a wide range of services including street lighting, maintenance of roads and footpaths, libraries, parks and playgrounds, sports and recreation facilities, economic development, community development and environmental protection.

On the 24th of November 2020, Fingal Councillors determined the Annual Rate on Valuation (ARV) at 0.1796 for the County of Fingal for 2021.

The person(s) who must pay rates is the occupier of a premises on the date on which the rate is made or if the property is unoccupied on the day the rate is made, the owner is liable. The rate for 2021 were made on the 29th January 2021. Owners are reminded that any rates due and outstanding by them will remain a charge on the property.

Rates are calculated by multiplying the valuation of your property by the annual rate on valuation [ARV]. The Commissioner of Valuation is responsible for valuations and the Local Authority for the ARV. Both of these terms are clarified as follows: Valuation: Determined by Commissioner of Valuation – the basis of valuation is known as NAV (Net Annual Value) i.e. the open market rental value of the property at 15th September 2017 Fingal). For further details on valuations and the valuation process, please visit (

The Annual Rate on Valuation is a multiplier and is determined by the Local Authority at its Annual Budget Meeting. The ARV for 2021 is 0.1796. Both the Valuation and ARV are shown on your rates bill and a sample calculation would be calculated as follows:


€100,000 X 0.1796 = €17,960

Your rates assessment is payable in two instalments. The 1st instalment when the rate is made and on receipt of your rates bill and the 2nd instalment by 1st of July. You have an option of paying monthly by direct debit over the entire year. Please see the back of your rates bill for methods of payment and contact details.

  • Cash/Cheque/Postal Order payable to Fingal County Council at Cash Office, Main Street, Swords, Co Dublin.
  • Standing Order: Contact Rates Office to set up payment.
  • Direct Debit: Contact Rates Office to set up payment.
  • E.F.T. Our Bank Details are BIC: AIBKIE2D IBAN: IE98AIBK 932523 06985297

You must quote your rate account number on all correspondence.

Section 32 of the Local Government Reform Act places:

An obligation on property owners, or their agents, to notify the Local Authority where an interest in a rateable property is transferred and the person liable for rates changes.

The person transferring the property, either the owner or occupier, must discharge all rates for which he/she is liable at the date of transfer.

This obligation came into effect on the 1st July 2014.

You can find more information on the Local Government Reform Act 2014 at

From the 1st of July 2014, the owner of a rateable property must notify Fingal County Council when there is a change in the occupation of their property, i.e. where a property is being sold or there is a change in tenancy, including where a property becomes vacant.  You must do this within 14 days of the change taking place.  If you don’t notify us within 14 days you will be liable for a penalty.

The penalty is an amount equivalent to up to two years of outstanding rates from the previous occupier.  Any penalty due and outstanding by you, the owner of relevant property due to non-notification will remain a charge on the property. 

Please read our Section 32 FAQ's for further information.

Section 32 Declaration can be accessed by clicking here;

Change of Tenancy Owner Notification Form


Rates must be paid on vacant properties by the owner or the person entitled to occupy the premises.  (e.g. someone holding a lease)  A refund of rates paid can be claimed in limited circumstances.  The relevant legislation that deals with refunds of rates on vacant property is Section 14(1) of the Local Government Act, 1946 (for County Councils).  This legislation provides that the leaseholder, or if there is no lease – the owner, can claim a refund of commercial rates where a property is vacant at the ‘making of the rate’.  The refund allowed is one twelfth of the annual rate in respect of every complete month during which the property is unoccupied either for the purpose of carrying out additions, alterations or repairs or because the owner is unable to obtain a tenant at a reasonable rent.

Section 31 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 conferred a new power on Elected Members of the Council to determine the proportion of refund of rates on vacant commercial premises that will apply in a given year. 

Customers who were granted a Waiver in 2020 on the basis that the property was vacant, cannot also claim a Vacancy Refund in respect of any months covered by the Waiver

This issue is to be considered by the Members each year as part of the budget process.  The 2021 budget was adopted on 24/11/2020 at which time the Members resolved that the rate of refund be a maximum of 40% per month.