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26 Mar 2020

Fingal County Council and COVID-19: Help us to help you.

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Heritage and Conservation Planning and Development

Architectural Conservation Area (ACA) Register

Heritage and Conservation

Architectural Conservation Areas (ACAs) are areas of special architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social, technical value, or areas that are important to the environment of a protected structure. They can be anything from a town centre or terrace of houses to structures associated with a specific building such as a country house or mill. ACAs are designated under the Fingal Development Plan. 

A list of Fingal Architectural Conservation Areas, here 

Any works that would effect the special character of an ACA require planning permission, even works that would normally be exempt from planning permission. In particular this can mean any works that impact on the external appearance of structures, such as changes to roofing material, windows, boundary walls, or construction of new features such as porches or extensions. Guidance notes for carrying out work in an ACA is provided below.

Guidance for works in Architectural Conservation Areas


Statements of Character

Statements of Character Statements of Character are also being produced for each ACA which provide more detailed guidance on works.

Statements of Character completed to date are provided here


Contact Us

You should consult the Area Planner or Fingal Conservation Officer if there is any doubt as to whether or not planning permission is needed.

Contact the Fingal Conservation Officer
[email protected] or telephone (01) 8906709

Contact the Area Planner
[email protected] or telephone (01) 8905541 (Swords), (01) 8708431 (Blanchardstown)

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