Apply to hold an Event on Fingal Land


Fingal County Council considers an event to be any organised gathering of 10 or more people for any occasion. Should you wish to hold an event on one of Fingal’s Parks, Beaches, Open Spaces or any other Council owned land (including public roads and footpaths), you need to apply for an Event Permit. An event can include, but not limited to, Family Fun Days, Festivals, Charity Walks/Runs, Sports Days, Weddings, Exercise Classes, School Tours.


All requests regarding the holding of an event must be received no later than 6 weeks prior to the start date of the event for small events (<250 people), and no later than 12 weeks prior to the start date of the event for larger events (250+ people).

The forms linked below are to be submitted to the relevant area as detailed below:

Event Management Guide for Applicants Information only 

Event Application Form 

Event Management Plan 

Event Insurance Public Liability/Product Liability Confirmation Form 

In addition to the forms above, you will also be required to provide a copy of your insurance schedule, proof of indemnity to Fingal County Council for €6.5m Public Liability Insurance/€13m Employers’ Liability Insurance. You will need €13m Public Liability Insurance if the event involves inflatables, pyrotechnics or drone activity.

Any information that you deem to be relevant that is not covered in the event application forms should also be sent as part of your application.


Fees may be charged to events generating income of a commercial nature. Typical fees for event applications are as follows:

  • €120.00 per hour or part thereof
  • €480.00 per half day (4 hours)
  • €840.00 per full day (up to 7 hours)

Please note that all fees are subject to change, and the final fee will be determined when all documentation is received for an event. All fees listed are non-exclusive of VAT. For larger events, there may be a refundable bond charged for damages to Council land.

Yoga, Fitness and Bootcamp Classes & Similar Activities

An application must be made to the Operations Department by any individual/group wishing to use Fingal County Council land for the purposes of Yoga, Fitness or Bootcamp Classes or similar activities.

The application form includes all information in relation to Yoga, Fitness and Bootcamp Classes including fees, timelines and terms & conditions. The application form can be found below.

Events - Exercise Class Application Form 

Conditions of Holding an Event

All the conditions for holding an event on Fingal owned land will be included on the permit document you receive once Fingal County Council grants permission. You must adhere to all conditions set out on the permit, otherwise you risk having your permit revoked, and denial of permission for future events. If you have any queries on the conditions on your permit, you can contact the area that issued the permit to you via email (listed above). It should be noted that the Council reserves the right to grant/refuse permission on case-by-case basis, determined by a range of factors including, but not limited to, parking issues, opening times and availability of location.

Road Closures

If your event requires a road closure, you must apply separately for that to the relevant Operational Area. Application for a road closure incurs a separate fee and must be made at least 6 weeks prior to the date of the proposed event. Fingal County Council encourages any event organisers to plan events at a location and in such a manner as to not require a road closure. For more information of Temporary Road Closures, please follow this link: