Corporate Services

Annual Budget

The revenue budget deals with the day to day expenditure of maintaining and providing services throughout the county.‌

Annual Budget 2022

The 2022 Budget was adopted by the elected members on the 9th  November 2021


The Council Revenue Budget is funded from the following sources:

  • Commercial rates

  • Local Property Tax

  • Government grants

  • Irish Water

  • Pension contributions

  • Rents/loan repayments

  • Income from goods and services

Each year the Council is legally obliged to prepare and adopt a budget projecting income and expenditure streams for the following year.  The budgets are prepared by the Chief Executive in consultation with the Corporate Policy Group.  However, it is the role of your local elected Councillors to adopt the budget with or without amendments. 

There is a statutory timeframe within which the budget must be adopted.  This is decided by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. The budget is sub-divided into 8 divisions, as follows: 

Division A  -  Housing and Building
Division B  -  Road Transport and Safety
Division C  -  Water Supply and Sewerage
Division D  -  Development Incentives and Controls
Division E  -  Environmental Protection
Division F  -  Recreation and Amenity
Division G  -  Agriculture, Education, Health and Welfare
Division H  -  Miscellaneous Services

These Divisions are further broken down into services and sub-services which can be seen in the detail of the budget book.