Climate Change Action Plan: What's Next?

Four key targets have been identified, namely:

  1. 33% improvement in the Council’s energy efficiency by 2020
  2. 40% reduction in the Council’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030
  3. To make Fingal a climate resilient region
  4. To actively engage and inform citizens on climate change

A sample of the actions across Fingal County Councils five main action areas include:

Climate change action plan 1

Energy and Buildings

  • Complete the Roll out of LED public lighting by 2021
  • Annual Reporting and monitoring to SEAI
  • Publish Fingal County Council’s Energy Review annually
  • Display Energy Certificates for Public buildings
  • Boiler replacement programme in social housing stock
Climate change action plan 2


  • Continued electrification of the Council’s vehicle fleet.
  • Increase the quantity of bicycle stands in the public domain
  • Expand bike sharing schemes in urban areas
  • Support the Greater Dublin Cycling Network Plan
Climate change action plan 3

Flood Resilience

  • Progress OPW Flood Protection schemes
  • Continued engagement with the OPW to progress further studies of areas within Fingal at risk of flooding.
  • Update Council Emergency Response Plans to include flood event response
Climate change action plan 4

Nature Based Solutions

  • Review and implement the Fingal Tree Strategy
  • Support and promote Naional Biodiversity Data Centre All Ireland Pollinator Plan Actions for Councils
  • Increase Pollinator areas in public parks and open spaces
  • Support the use of allotments as a way communities can grow their own food, and lower food miles and food waste.
Climate change action plan 5

Resource Management  

  • Remove all single use items from Council Canteens
  • Promote “ReUse Month” annually
  • Support and promote the inclusion of climate change initiatives in tidy towns, green schools and cleaner communities
  • Expand tenant induction programme to include tenant energy, water, waste and environmental awareness