Simple Ways to Act on Climate Change

Climate change is a global problem with global implications - but it's also a regional, national and local issue that impacts every one of us. This means that no part is too small to play - and everyone can do their bit to help. Read on to for tips and advice that can help you in your climate action efforts.

Climate change action plan 6

Be energy efficient

Change to LED bulbs -  while more expensive, they last longer and use far less power so you will see the impact in your bills. Wash clothes and dishes using eco-cycles, which use less water and energy. Buy the most efficient appliances you can, turn down the thermostat and only heat the house when you need to.

Climate change action plan 7

Reduce your waste

Rubbish sent to landfill produces the potent greenhouse gas methane. Recycle where possible, and get a compost bin. Most operators collect brown bin waste, or you can produce compost for use in the garden. Try to buy refills of household staples like coffee or washing powder, which use less packaging.

Climate change action plan 8

Green your commute

Walk, cycle or use public transport where possible. Both emissions and congestion are cut when fewer cars are on the road, and you’ll save money, too. Try to car pool, and buy the most efficient and least-polluting car you can afford.

Climate change action plan 9

Buy local

Try to do the bulk of your shopping in your community. This not only keeps jobs in local areas but also reduces car use.

Climate change action plan 10

Buy seasonal

Try to eat fruit and vegetables in season. Food often travels thousands of kilometres before reaching the local supermarket, and shipping and aviation have a major impact on climate change. Only buy what you’ll eat.

Climate change action plan 12

Use the off switch

Turn out the lights, and power down the TV, laptop, tablet and other appliances when you’re not using them. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth — treating water to make it safe to drink uses enormous amounts of energy.

Climate change action plan 13

Go green in the garden

Plant native plants and trees, which suck in carbon, try to compost and cut the grass using an electric or push mower instead of a petrol-powered one.


Climate change action plan 14

Look after what you’ve got

Regularly service the car and boiler, and defrost the freezer. Try to get appliances repaired instead of replacing them.

Climate change action plan 15

Consider a staycation

Staying at home doesn't have to be dull - Ireland, and Fingal, are packed with plenty to see and do. When you do have to fly, try to find flights with the most direct routes, pack as light as possible, and prioritise airlines and flights that use newer aircraft.