Bulky Waste Collection Services within Fingal

While Fingal County Council do not offer a bulky waste collection service there are a number of authorised waste collectors that offer the service for a set fee. There are also several companies who provide skip bags for collection and/or small to large skips for hire to accommodate larger volumes of bulky waste. Please see below a list of authorised waste operators (December 2022) for:

1/ Bulky Waste Collection

2/ Skip Bags and Skip Hire

Company  NWCPO  Services  Email  Contact  Website 
The City Bin Company  NWCPO-09-03628-07  Junk or Bulky Waste Collection  [email protected] 1800 24 89 24 https://www.citybin.com/
Skips On Wheels  NWCPO-16-11820-02 Bulky waste/ Junk and waste removal  info@skipson wheels.ie  086 7937575 https://www.skipsonwheels.ie/
Kollect on Demand  NWCPO-21-12649-01 Bulky/Junk/Waste removal [email protected] 01 6859092 https://kollect.ie/
Rubbish Taxi  NWCPO-16-11754-02 Bulky/ junk/waste removal  [email protected] 083-8333-500 https://rubbish-taxi.ie/
Emerald Waste Removal  NWCPO-15-11643-02 Bulky/Junk waste collection  [email protected] 086 308 1729  http://emeraldwaste.ie/
Bulky Waste  NWCPO-17-11973-01 Bulky waste collection info2bulkywaste.ie  851319946 https://www.raywhelan.ie/
Eco Mattress Recycling   NWCPO-16-11775-01 Matress collection service  [email protected] 353 89 256 0888 https://www.ecomattressrecyclingireland.com/about
Wilton Waste and Recycling   NWCPO-12-11001-05 Scrap metal collection  [email protected] 049 437 4825 https://www.wilton-recycling.ie/
AllWaste  NWCPO-20-12529-01 Bulky Waste, Rubbish removal  [email protected] 085 2340282/ 087 3635324 https://www.allwaste.ie/
Mattress Gone  NWCPO-21-12596-01 Mattress Removal  [email protected] 089 279 3111 https://mattressgone.com/
Men with Junk  NWCPO-18-12069-01 Bulky waste, junk and waste removal [email protected] 086 792 5566 https://menwithjunk.com/
Hanley Removal Ltd  NWCPO-19-12233-02 Bulky/Junk/Mattress removal  [email protected] 01 2810416/1800 303 169 https://djhanleys.ie/
Company  NWCPO number  Services  Email  Contact  Website     
M50 Skip and Grab Hire  NWCPO-10-01275-02 Skip Bags [email protected] 18620011 https://www.m50skiphire.ie/    
Greyhound  NWCPO-08-01154-04 Skip Bags 1t [email protected] 01 4577777 https://greyhound.ie/household-skip-hire-dublin/
Thornton's Recycling  NWCPO-09-01190-05 Mini Skip - 2 cubic yards in capacity  [email protected] 353 1 623 5133 https://skip.ie/    
Oxigen  NWCPO-08-01106-06 2 cubic yard skips [email protected] 0818 694436 https://oxigen.ie/skips    
Panda  NWCPO-13-11193-06 Skip Bags and Skip hire  Contact on website  (01) 829 8992 https://www.panda.ie/    
Allied Recycling  NWCPO-12-11002-05 Skip Bags  [email protected]  01 2787080 https://www.alliedrecycling.ie/    
Advanced Waste Recycling  NWCPO-14-11395-05 Skip hire - small to large skips [email protected] 01 4011928 https://www.advancedwaste.ie/    
A1 Skip Bags Ltd  NWCPO-09-01156-06 Skip bags and Skips  Contact on website  01 6853775 https://www.a1skipbags.ie/    
Baldoyle Skip Hire  NWCPO-08-01152-03 Mini Skips (2.5 CY ) [email protected] 087 990 1096 https://baldoyleskiphire.ie/    
Express Skip Hire  NWCPO-08-06369-03 Mimi Skip 2.5 Cubic Yards  Contact on website 087 770 7992 http://www.expressskiphire.ie/    
Target Skips  NWCPO-14-11371-02 Mini Skip 2.5 Cubic yards  [email protected] 01 840 2983. https://www.targetskips.ie/    
The City Bin Company  NWCPO-09-03628-07 Mini Skips ho%6d%[email protected] " rel="nofollow"> [email protected] 1800 24 89 24 https://www.citybin.com/    
All Away Recycling  NWCPO-14-11375-02 Skip bags and Skips  [email protected] 01 6608921 or 01 6608941 https://www.aarecycling.ie/    
Access Waste Recycling  NWCPO-08-01151-05 Mini Skips (2 CY ) [email protected] 01 427 7777 https://www.accesswaste.com/    
AC waste disposal  NWCPO-14-11436-02 Skip bags and Skips  email through website   (01) 843 7256 / 086 252 4334 http://acwaste.ie/    
Bord Na Mona Recycling  NWCPO-08-10601-07 Mini and Large Skips  email through website 01 8417000 https://www.bnmrecycling.ie/    
SkipDublin.ie NWCPO-09-01195-07 Mini and small skips  ski%[email protected] " rel="nofollow"> [email protected] 01 478 10 87 https://www.skipdublin.ie/    

It’s important for householders to only use authorised waste collectors for the removal and disposal of bulky waste to ensure that the material is brought to a licenced waste facility for reuse, recycling and recovery. Unauthorised operators offering cheap waste collection services will illegally dump bulky waste causing environmental pollution. Local Authorities are then left to clean up affected areas and dispose of the waste, money which would be better spent on providing essential services to local communities.

Always ask to see an operator’s waste collection permit issued by the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO) or go online at www.nwcpo.ie to check that they are an authorised waste collector. Permitted waste collectors are also required by law to display a waste collection permit number on any vehicles used for the collection of waste.

Bulky wastes can also be brought to the following recycling centres within Fingal for a small fee with items such as waste electronic and electrical equipment accepted free of charge:

  • Coolmine Recycling Centre: Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin 15.  Beside Coolmine Fire Station. Telephone: (01) 890 5986
  • Estuary Recycling Centre: Swords, beside Swords Business Park
    Telephone: (01) 890 5985

Website: https://www.fingal.ie/recycling-centres for more information.