Temporary Do Not Swim prohibition notice has been extended for Front Strand Balbriggan

Updated August 10th

Balbriggan notice

Please be advised that a temporary Do Not Swim prohibition notice has been extended.

Update August 10th

While the latest bathing water sample result from Balbriggan, from testing August 8,  indicates excellent status, we have consulted with the HSE & will continue a precautionary approach to protect bather health by keeping the temporary Do Not Swim prohibition notice in place. This will remain the case until such time as we can collect an end of incident sample.

Since poor results from a scheduled sample on the 25th July led to the initial prohibition, the Council has carried out investigations into what may be causing the raised levels of contamination. The actions that have taken place during this open investigation include:

• In channel river walk (on 3 Aug) – a discharge from a surface water pipe contaminated with sewage was found however it has not been visually contaminated since 4 Aug. 

• Additional river sampling at various locations and pipes found discharging to the river were sampled.

• A camera survey of network pipes was done - this showed evidence of sewage entering the pipe.

• Visual monitoring of the surface water pipe where it discharges is also being carried out regularly.

Further investigations are to take place to try and identify misconnections of sewage and the source of contamination.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Balbriggan Beach remains open but beach users are asked to respect the ‘Do Not Swim’ notice as it has been put in place to ensure that the health of bathers is not compromised.

Members of the public can check for water quality at any of the monitored bathing waters in Ireland in advance by accessing the EPA website at www.beaches.ie or by checking the notice board at the entrance to each beach. 

To view  an explanation of the standards used for reporting results of bathing water please go to  https://www.fingal.ie/bathing-water-quality-monitoring-faqs