New collaboration to help grow athletics and develop talent in Fingal

Fingal Athletics League FS 2023

An exciting new partnership has been announced between the Fingal Athletics League and Morton Games that will help the growth of athletics in Fingal and help create unparalleled opportunities for young athletes.

The collaboration between the Fingal Athletics League - known for its commitment to grassroots development - and Morton Games - a World Athletics Continental Tour International track and field event - brings together two pillars of athletics in one of the countries youngest regions.

"The mission of the Fingal Athletics League has always been to provide a platform for primary school students of all levels to showcase their talent and passion for the sport," said Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Adrian Henchy. "Teaming up with Morton Games allows us to expand our reach and offer even more exciting opportunities for athletes to compete and excel."

The council wants to help grow athletics in Fingal and help create unparalleled opportunities for young athletes

Morton Games, which takes place in the Morton Stadium, Dublin has since 2011 consistently attracted top-tier athletes from around the globe to its prestigious events. By partnering with Fingal Athletics League, Morton Games aims to strengthen its commitment to nurturing talent at all levels of the sport.

Located in Fingal, Morton Stadium has undergone a significant €3m refurbishment project led by Dublin City University and which sees a new Mondo track installed. The stadium is also home to the iconic Morton Mile event which attracts domestic and international stars.

Noel Guiden, Meet Director of Morton Games, said: "We are thrilled to partner with the Fingal Athletics League in our shared vision of advancing Irish athletics. Together, we will work towards creating a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the spirit of competition."

This collaboration signifies a new chapter in athletics, one that is characterised by unity, collaboration, and a shared passion for the sport. Fingal Athletics League and Morton Games look forward to a bright future of growth, innovation, and success.

Fingal Athletics League Running 2023

The Fingal Athletics League Finals Day will take place on 24th April at ALSAA Sports Complex, with 2,700 students from 61 primary schools across Fingal coming together to showcase their talent.

Morton Games takes place on Friday July 12th in the Morton Stadium Dublin from 5.30pm with the International programme starting at 7.00pm. For further details visit: