Heritage from Home: Fingal Fieldnames Project

Fingal Fieldnames

Every field in Fingal, and across Ireland, has a name or had one in the past.

Names may derive from the topography of the land, or from the owners, or may describe the purpose of the field, its size or may relate to some event that took place in the field. Together these names tell us much about the history and heritage of our local landscapes.

To date this project, has recorded almost 1000 fieldnames that may otherwise have been lost, safeguarding this invaluable cultural heritage asset for future generations.

While we can’t get out to meet farmers and landowners during Covid times, there is potential to gather field names from existing sources such as the Schools Folklore Collection, local histories, estate and historical maps. For more see our Fingal Fieldnames Booklet at https://www.fingal.ie/media/3091