Instruments Project

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                                                                       Instruments given to the Seamus Ennis Arts Centre Naul to be used for music lessons
Instruments can be recycled for others
                                                                                            Instruments delivered to Pobalscoil Neasáin Baldoyle


In 2019 we started the Instruments Project whereby we clean and mend the instruments presented at our recycling centres for disposal. We then re-distribute them to organisations such as Centres for Autism, Addiction and Rehabilitation.  We receive all sorts of instruments – guitars, ukuleles, drums, violins, keyboards, electric guitars, accordions and more. We are delighted to be in a position to offer them to those who benefit so much from this project.

We take any sort of instrument, accessories and small practice amps, cables etc. Please hand them in at our recycling centres in Estuary Swords or Coolmine.

(We can’t accept pianos but we encourage you to contact your local voluntary sectors and offer any pianos to them).

This is a waste prevention project which has a social dimension.

Instruments can be handed in at our recycling centres. Email any queries to the Environmental Awareness Officer [email protected]  

replay instruments project
Instruments delivered to St. Margarets National School, Autumn 2022
                                                                                           Instruments delivered to St. Margarets National School
Instruments project
Instruments delivered to a Migrant Reception Centre in Fingal, Summer 2022
                                                                                           Instruments delivered to a Migrant Reception Centre in Fingal
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