Tower Bay

Tower Bay

Photo credit: Tower Bay, courtesy of Mick Mongey

Designated ‘North No.7 Portrane’ this Martello tower, now a private residence, was built in 1804. One of a series of coastal towers built to defend a Napoleonic invasion, it was taken over by the Preventative Water Guard to assist in the battle against smuggling. The limestone caves formed by underground rivers such as the priest’s Chamber and Milkmaid’s Churn were ideal for smugglers. On dark nights ships stole into towner bay and filled the caves with wines, brandies and tobaccos.

Lambay Island located 4km offshore was fortified in the 16th century to guard against pirates and smugglers. Formed the remains of an extinct volcano Lambay island has been settled from earliest times and it was the site of an axe factory in the Neolithic. In 1888 James Considine, of Portrane House, purchased Lambay to develop it as a hunting estate introducing deer onto the island.

Lambay island courtesy of Mick Mongey.JPG

Photo credit: Lambay island courtesy of Mick Mongey

Did you know….

The car park at Tower bay featured in the first episode of the tv series Father Ted (Good Luck, Father Ted), as the location for the Funland fairground on Craggy Island.

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