Greener Communities 2023

greener communities

Here is a wonderful publication which gives you the know-how to improve your garden's biodiversity:

Gardening for Wildlife Booklet 


gardening booklet

This resource helps you select plants which pollinators love:

Pollinator Friendly Plants for your garden

Greener communities
Greener communities

Take a look at the All Ireland Pollinator Plan here:

All Ireland Pollinator Plan 

pollinator plan

Actions for Pollinators: record your actions for biodiversity!

Actions for Pollinators

Greener communities

Pollinators and Biodiversity: Watch and Learn

Click Here to view some very interesting videos on pollination and biodiversity

Visit for more information and advice on pollinators.


Are you thinking of creating a wildflower area?

Have a look at this video to learn the Top Tips for creating a Wildflower area. See for more information:

Top Tips for Creating a Wildflower meadow

Are you thinking of creating a meadow for Biodiversity?

Have a look at this great video from about creating meadows for Biodiversity:

Creating meadows for Biodiversity

Wildflowers Information

Wildflower areas that are managed properly with spray-free management are a wonderful way to increase our biodiversity, insects and birds- benefitting the whole food chain.

Here is a short video on wildflowers by Aoife Munn where she talks about how to plant them and maintain the area:

You can access a helpful resource on wildflowers here:

Wildflowers Info Feb 2021