Bremore Castle

Bremore Castle Dig

Bremore Castle is a large tower house located north of Balbriggan, County Dublin. Estimated to have been built in the 14th century, the Norman Barnewalls family held it from the time of construction till 1727, the year in which it was sold. However, the first mention of this castle or its location was in reference to William Rosel De Brimor, who held land in England and Ireland at the end of the 13th century. Its deterioration began much before the sale, and by 1783, it was termed as “not many years ago inhabited” by Austin Cooper, a prominent antiquarian of that time.

With work nearing completion on Bremore Castle restoration, we hope that this amazing structure is open to the public in the near future. It is envisaged this as a space to capture the essence of Balbriggan and to encourage all types of events and happenings to play out within its walls and its gardens.

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