Tolka Valley Regional Park

Tolka Valley Park

The Tolka Valley Park comprises almost 300 acres, it includes wetlands, wildflower meadows, woodland and pedestrian paths throughout.

The park is an important regional park located on both sides of the Tolka River. The park is spread over 140 hectares and follows the Tolka River Valley for 8km from Mulhuddard to Ashtown. The pasturelands and playing fields of the upper section give way to woodlands, undulating fields and wetlands, providing varied landscapes and natural habitats for a wide range of fauna. The river valley is rich in plant and animal life, a haven for biodiversity within the city, and local history.

The park offers a diverse, natural and tranquil landscape which is great for walking and jogging and the river supports an abundance of brown trout, providing for some good fishing.

The Tolka Valley Park runs through Fingal from Ashtown to County Meath, including Waterville Park, Mulhuddart Village and South of Abbotstown.

The 37 Dublin Bus route is the best way to get to the Park. Check Dublin Bus for timetables and service updates.