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Inspections are being carried out by, in accordance with the National Inspection Plan 2022-2026 produced by the Environmental Protection Agency, to make sure that domestic wastewater treatment systems (DWWTS), including wastewater tanks and septic tanks, do not pose a risk to human health or the environment. 

Owners will be notified by letter at least 10 days in advance of an inspection.  Owners of DWWTS are obliged to properly operate and maintain their systems as required under the Water Services Act, 2007 and Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012.

Sludge must be removed from the tank periodically (the frequency will depend on the system’s size and use). A list of permitted waste collectors is available at www.nwcpo.ie

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems (DWWTS) must be registered by owners and owner information must be updated if there is a change in ownership of the property i.e. house sale.  Check if you are registered here; https://www.protectourwater.ie/ or by ringing 01-6438484 (between 10.00am and 14.00pm)

Owners must comply with the advisory notice if their system fails an inspection.

Further information on https://www.fingal.ie/council/service/septic-tank-regulations-enforcement and Septic Tank Information and Advice | Fingal County Council

Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (Septic Tanks) must be registered.

The property owner is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Domestic Waste Water Treatment System serving the property. From 2013, insepctions by Fingal County Council will occur annually based on the EPA's National Inspection Plan. 

When the inspector arrives they will show you their ID card and authorisation, and ask you some basic questions about your system. The inspector may look at your registration certificate and other paperwork. The inspector will check manholes and pipework for leaks and that there isn’t an excess of sludge in the system. The drains will be checked to ensure that wastewater and greywater are entering the system where they can be treated, and that roofwater and surfacewater are not entering the tank as that may cause flooding. The percolation area will be checked for signs of ponding, as well as nearby ditches and drains for discharge pipes and signs of pollution. The system will also be checked for nuisance odours and noise. 

You can download a new series of leaflets below, and further information on the scheme and inspections is available on the EPA website

Guide to Registration of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Information Leaflet on Water Services Amendment Act 2012

New Account Registration Form

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