Heritage and Conservation

Historic Structures Fund (HSF)

Heritage and Conservation

Level of Funding: Pilot Stream for Vernacular Structures Minimum €5,000 - Maximum €10,000; STREAM 1 including a Pilot Scheme for Historic Shopfronts Minimum €15,000 - Maximum €50,000; STREAM 2 Minimum €50,000 - Maximum €200,000

Fingal County Council is now accepting applications for the Historic Structures Fund. The primary focus of this scheme is the conservation and enhancement of historic structures and buildings for the benefit of communities and the public.  Protected Structures, proposed Protected Structures and in certain cases, works to structures within Architectural Conservation Areas are eligible.  Fingal County Council facilitates the initial applications but the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht operates and determines the final list of nationwide projects to be granted funding.  Under Stream 1 the Department will consider only 3 applications per local authority from private owners or community groups and 1 application for a public building.  In 2021 a Pilot Stream for Historic Shopfronts has been included so that 1 additional application per local authority under Stream 1 can be considered for the conservation or refurbishment of a historic shopfront.  A Pilot Scheme for the conservation or refurbishment of Vernacular Structures that are not Protected Structures will also operate in 2021.  Again only 1 application per local authority can be put forward.  Stream 2 provides a higher amount of funding for large projectsOnly 1 application per local authority from private owners or community groups and 1 application for a public building can be put forward.  It is a requirement of the scheme that works are overseen by an appropriately qualified conservation professional and for a comprehensive methodology to be submitted with the application. 

The Guidance Circular on the Historic Structures Fund 2021, which explains the scheme and the Application Form, are available to download.

Historic Structures Fund 2021 Explanatory Circular
Historic Structures Fund Application Form 2021


CLOSING DATE: Due to the current COVID 19 Restrictions the closing date for receipt of applications for this scheme has been extended out to 5pm on Friday 26th February 2021.  Application forms along with relevant supplementary material should be emailed to   [email protected]   in either Word or pdf format.  The size of the email with all attachments should not exceed 15MB