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What is an End-of-Life vehicle?

Typically, an end-of-life vehicle is a passenger car or light commercial van that the registered owner wants to dispose of as waste.  You can deposit end-of-life cars and vans free of charge at authorised treatment facilities. Only vehicles that were first registered in Ireland on or after 1st July 2002 will be accepted free of charge.

When an end-of-life vehicle is deposited at an ATF or a car dismantlers, as much material as possible is recovered and recycled and recovery takes place in a way that is not harmful to the environment. 

There are three authorised treatment facilities in the Fingal area where you can bring your old car for recycling free of charge.


Gannons City Recovery & Recycling Services Ltd

Unit 7 Rosevill Industrial Park, Turvey Avenue, Donabate, Co. Dublin

Telephone: 01 890 7715 or 087 254 5005


Industrial, Agri & Engineering Salvage Ltd. (IAES)

Ballyboughal, Co. Dublin

Telephone: 01 843 3444 or 087 252 444

Website: www.scrapmycar.ie

Email:  [email protected] e


St. Margarets Recycling and Transfer Centre Ltd.

Sandyhill, St. Margarets, Co. Dublin

Telephone: 01  856 9434

Email:  [email protected]


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