Heritage and Conservation

Built Heritage Investment Scheme (BHIS) Grant

Heritage and Conservation

Fingal County Council is inviting applications under a number of schemes for repairs or conservation projects within the Fingal area. This includes the Built Heritage Investment Scheme (BHIS), which has the following levels of funding:

  • Minimum €2,500 - Maximum €15,000

This is a scheme operated to assist with the repair and conservation of Protected Structures, and in certain cases, works to structures within Architectural Conservation Areas. The BHIS also includes Ring-Fenced Funding for Thatching to fund conservation repairs to historic thatched structures, helping owners offset other costs.  The allocation to Fingal under this latter element is limited but applications for thatched properties can also be considered under the general BHIS allocation.  All BHIS applications will be assessed and prioritised on the basis of:

  • Significance of the Structure
  • Effectiveness of the Works
  • Quality of Works Proposed 

Generally the amount of funding awarded cannot exceed 50% of the cost of works up to a maximum amount of €15,000.  In the terms of the scheme it is indicated that the conservation works must be designed, specified and overseen on site by a conservation professional.  Where the specific expertise lies with a practitioner or contractor such as a thatcher or stone mason then they can be put forward as fulfilling the role of conservation professional.   

The Guidance Circular on the Built Heritage Investment Scheme 2024, which explains the scheme and the Application Form, are available to download.‌

BHIS 2024 Application Form

BHIS 2024 Application Checklist

BHIS Direction on Qualifying and Non-Qualifying Works

BHIS 2024 Guidance for Applicants

BHIS 2024 Sample Application Form with Notes

CLOSING DATE: The deadline for receipt of applications for this scheme is 5pm on Friday 19th January 2024

Application forms along with the Application Checklist and relevant supplementary material should be emailed to    [email protected]    in either Word or pdf format. The size of the email with all attachments should not exceed 15MB.