2003 Arts Act Funding

Fingal County Council’s Arts Office encourages and supports cultural activity within Fingal by offering financial support to organised arts and community groups under Section 6 of the 2003 Arts Act. This funding is granted to;

  • Stimulate public interest in the arts
  • Promote the knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts
  • Assist in improving the standards of the arts across the County

These grants are specifically designed for events and performances which have a broad countywide appeal and which add positively to the cultural life of Fingal. Financial support is also available to those organising arts festivals or other cultural events on an annual basis in the county. Funding is also available to any community, sporting or voluntary group based in the Fingal area.

There are two types of funding available;

  1. Activities Funding
  2. Facilities Funding

For further information on funding opportunities available please contact [email protected]