Schedule of Masses and Prayers in Fingal Cemeteries 2023

Please see below scheduled dates for the cemetery Masses 2023

Kilbarrack Cemetery

Please see scheduled dates for the cemetery Masses 2023


Download schedule here: Schedule of Cemetery Masses 2023

Schedule of Masses/Prayers in Fingal Cemeteries 2023
Month Day Date Time Cemetery Mass/Prayers  
May 2023            
  Sunday 28th May 4.00 P.M. Kilbarrack Prayers  
June 2023            
  Sunday 04th June 2.30 P.M. Holmpatrick Prayers  
  Sunday 04th June 4.00 P.M. Baldungan Prayers  
  Sunday 11th June 3.00 P.M. Mulhuddart Mass  
  Sunday 11th June 12.00 P.M. St Fintan’s Mass  
  Sunday 11th June 2.30 P.M. Ardla Prayers  
  Sunday 11th June 4.00 P.M. Milverton Prayers  
  Sunday 11th June 1.45 P.M. Malahide Prayers  
  Sunday 18th June 12.30P.M. Fingal  Mass  
  Sunday 18thJune 3.00 P.M. Whitestown Prayers  
  Sunday 18th June 6.00 P.M. Kenure Prayers  
  Sunday 25th June 4.00 P.M. Westpalstown Prayers  
  Sunday 25th June 4:00 P.M Balrothery Mass  
July 2023            
  Sunday 02nd July 12.30P.M. Balgriffin  Mass  
  Sunday 02nd July 4.00 P.M. Lusk Mass  
  Sunday 02nd July 2.30 P.M. Kilossary Prayers  
  Sunday 02nd July 3.30 P.M. Rolestown Mass  
  Sunday 02nd July 4:00 P.M Balbriggan Mass  
  Sunday 02nd July 3.00 P.M St Margaret’s Mass  
  Sunday 09th July 4:00 P.M Flemington Mass  
  Sunday 09th July 3.00 P.M The Ward Mass  
  Sunday 16th July 3.30 P.M. Donabate Mass  
  Sunday 16th July 4.00 P.M. Palmerstown Prayers  
  Sunday 16th July 3.00 P.M Chapelmidway Mass  
  Sunday 16th July 7.00 P.M. Clonmethan Prayers  
  Sunday 23rd July 7.00 P.M. Ballymadun Prayers  
  Sunday 23rd July 3.00 P.M Kileek Prayers  
  Sunday 30th July 6.30 P.M. Grallagh Prayers  
August 2023            
  Sunday 13th August 4.00 P.M. Balscadden Mass  
  Tuesday 15th August 7.30 P.M. Garristown Prayers  
  Tuesday 15th August 6:30 P.M. Ballyboughal Prayers  
September 2023            
  Sunday 3rd September 4.00 P.M. The Naul Prayers  
October 2023            
  Sunday 01st October 4.00 P.M. Hollywood Prayers