21 Oct 2022

ANCA has published aircraft noise exposure contour maps for 2021

The Aircraft Noise Competent Authority has published noise exposure contours for 2021 for the areas around Dublin Airport. An interactive map is available that facilitates the entry of an address or Eircode to examine the aircraft noise impact at a particular location down to the level of individual properties .

10 Oct 2022

Monitoring aircraft noise around Dublin Airport

The Aircraft Noise Competent Authority welcomes the addition of three noise monitoring terminals by daa to its network of noise monitoring stations in the communities around Dublin Airport.

20 Jun 2022

Noise Abatement Objective and Regulatory Decision

ANCA has published a noise abatement objective (NAO) and regulatory decision (RD) related to noise management at Dublin Airport. The regulatory decision contains conditions for the planning authority relating to planning application F20A/0668. NAO and RD were subject to AA and SEA. Click for more info.