Noise Insulation Scheme

ANCA is responsible for ensuring that the Dublin Airport Noise Insulation Scheme applies to all homes in an area that is referred to as a “defined noise contour”. The contour is the perimeter, or border, of the area that is identified as being eligible for insulation.


DAA maps the noise contours. DAA also maintains an up-to-date Eligible Property Register, listing all homes within the noise contours. 


ANCA has recently completed a review of the DAA’s pre-2019 defined noise contours for Noise Insulation Schemes. These schemes were:

  • the Residential Noise Insulation Scheme (RNIS) that applies to homes based on their location in relation to the planning permission granted for Dublin Airport’s North Parallel Runway;
  • The 2016 Home Sound Insulation Programme (HSIP) that applies to houses impacted by current operations at Dublin Airport.


DAA’s Eligible Property Register shows that 125 properties are eligible for the RNIS home insulation scheme and 77 properties are eligible for the HSIP scheme.


What is the result of ANCA’s review?

ANCA confirms that there are still 202 Eligible Properties between the RNIS and HSIP schemes, i.e. no other properties are identified as eligible to be added at this time.


How was the review undertaken?

ANCA reviewed and analysed the defined noise contours and the Eligible Property Register through desk-top research, site visits and An Post’s GeoDirectory for Fingal.


What does it mean for residents?

There is no impact for residents because the review by ANCA found that the DAA has correctly identified the eligible noise contours and maintained an up-to-date Eligible Property Register.


Can new properties ever be added?

Yes. The planning permission for the North Runway provides for a review of eligible dwellings within the RNIS scheme every two years. The purpose of this review is to ensure that forecasted noise is validated against actual noise levels when the runway becomes operational.


Can other buildings be included in the scheme?

No, but there is also a separate Dublin Airport Noise Insulation Scheme for schools.


More information

Maps and more information are available on the Home Insulation page.

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